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Tampa Bay Saltwater will be back soon harvesting and shipping our highest quality live rock and critters for your tank.

Give us a little more time to get everything set up and online! We'll be posting more updates here.

Richard is easing into retirement and showing us the ropes.

Stay safe everyone and rock-on!

-Madelyn and Jocelyn

Tampa Bay Saltwater is home of the largest Live Rock Farm in the world! We have over four million pounds of live rock under production on a five acre lease site in the Gulf of Mexico, and an Aquaculture site located in the Florida Keys. We offer invertebrates from the Gulf of Mexico, live sand, and the finest quality live rock available in the industry. If you already know what you need, you can Order Now, view the Price List, or check out "The Package".

Coral, live rock, invertebrates, fish, live sand. "The Florida Live Rock Farmers" Rock from an upland site is deposited on our five acre lease, allowed to grow for a number of years, and is then harvested for use in your reef tank. Our aquacultured live rock is absolutely beautiful, colonized by five different species of hard corals, tunicates, clams, feather dusters, coralines, sponges, algaes, invertebrates, plants and other life!

See the videos showing how we aquaculture your live rock!
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See some of the the critters that hitchhike on our live rock!
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Hello! We just wanted to let you know how happy we are with our package. Our reef tank looks simply amazing! There's coralline algae everywhere, and it's already spreading. There's a great array of life on the rocks, from small copepods to feather dusters and crabs. <more>