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"The Package"

We were constantly asked, "How do you have such beautiful reef tanks, and how do you do it?"

Our answer was always, "You have to recreate what occurs in the wild, to have a small piece of ocean in your home." If you think about what is in the wild open ocean, what's out there? The answer is saltwater, rock, sand, and the animals that inhabit those components. The combination of these ingredients in the open ocean provides a stable and healthy environment for the oceans creatures.

Thus if you recreate what is in the ocean in your home, you end up with the correct recipe to have a small ocean in your reef tank. How do we do it? The answer is easy, just follow mother nature's advice and do what she does at home.

See the catalog of organisms that users who have purchased our aquacultured rock have found! These pictures come primarily from our customer's tanks. Send us pictures of things you find and we'll add them to the collection.

We use only Premium Live Rock in "The Package." "The Package" was developed by Tampa Bay Saltwater from over 35 years of experience with saltwater animals and products.

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