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Sequoia Middle School Reefkeepers are 6th-8th grade students in Pleasant Hill, California (SF Bay Area) who manage the reef aquarium in Ms. Horne's science classroom.

What a colorful habitat we have! I have never seen such LIVE live rock. We are so grateful to Richard at TAMPA BAY SALTWATER for sending us so much incredible life. Students observe more creatures and new behaviors every day! The reef is a living habitat that is constantly changing. Sometimes we hear a muffled "pop" and wonder if it is a pistol or mantis shrimp. Mysteries like this are part of the fun of a reef tank!

See their full adventure on their blog.

Just got done putting in the sand and rock. Acclimation the critters now. Everything looks fantastic! I can't wait for the water to clear up so I can start arranging it all.

Thank you so much for all the extras. Even found a 1 inch hitchhiking crab on the rock! I may even have a baby octopus! Ill know more when I can see better.


I'm sorry it took so long to get back to you. I have been busy with water changes, and transferring my old tank "critters" to my new tank.

The rock that you sent was FANTASTIC, and made my current rock pale in comparison. The amount of life on the rock that I received from you was amazing. Everyday I find some new creature. Some good, some bad! I am still trying to determine if I have a Mantis Shrimp, or a Pistol Shrimp. I will hear 1-3 clicks at a time, but have not seen anything, and none of my livestock is missing. Any tips on how to trap these to determine what I really have??

I am attaching several pictures of the tank. I am also including a picture (sorry it is so fuzzy) of an item on the rock you sent. It has not moved, so I think it is some kind of coral, but I cannot locate it in any of my books. Could you please let me know if you can tell what it is, and how to care for it?

Thanks again for all of the great rock, coral, and "critters". I figured I would have to spend a fortune buying more coral for the larger tank, but with everything you sent, I think the only thing missing is a couple fish!

Pattie T.

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Picked it up last night and set it up (couldn't wait).

Everything looks great. Love the extra corals. Still moving some things around to get the aquascaping looking its best.

The camera doesn't quite do the colors justice! But there are lots of great color all over the rock.

Hey Richard,

Thank you so much for all the extras.
I think the tank looks great!!


Just wanted to let you know how things were going with the 1st part of the shipment.
The 1st part of the rock shipment is amazing, it has been in the tank almost 48 hours, my daughter and I have both been glued to it finding more and more critters! I have already found several cerith snails, there is a pistol shrimp on board also (heard but not seen!), beautiful reds, pinks, ochre, purple colored algae and sponges, peanut worms, a tiny white unknown crab that moves really slowly on the sandbed, two whelks got the boot, and yesterday we found a gorilla crab who will be dispatched in short order! There is a white fleshy looking blob that I thought was part of a jellyfish corpse, but its been moving around so we left it in. The water seems to be doing really well, the ammonia is only at .50 ppm, and nitrites are leaning toward 1.0 ppm. We already did a small change, and after this afternoons tests we will probably do another one. The skimmer is working hard and pulling out lots of crud. It is lovely to watch the feather dusters and barnacles do their work. Man, you weren't kidding, its all LIVE!

kind regards,

My students wanted to express their gratitude for your unmatched generosity. As not all 130 of them fit into the picture my advisory class was designated as representative. Thanks for Saving and making the best SW tank in the School district!


Jefri J


wow, wow, wow, wow, wow! i just can't put into words how impressed and thrilled i am with the package you sent! i just can't believe how awesome everything is, and i am stunned by the extra's you put in. three free mantis shrimps?!? three free anemone?!? three (big) free corals?!? un-freaking-believable. i am just stunned, and like a kid at christmas. just really, really top notch. the rock is amazing. i had no idea what really live rock looks like until i saw this stuff. it's crusted with barnacles and feather dusters and just looks amazing. and your dry rock... it is exactly what i hoped it would be and more. i placed it in the left-center of the tank, and arranged the live rock around it. i hid the old chunk of rock i bought earlier from my lfs behind it. i'm trying to leave as much space as i can for the peacock mantis to swim and run around it. the three mantis shrimp, as well as all the little crabs and snails i found at the bottom of the bag, are now in my other three small tanks. one is up and around and exploring. the other two are hiding. i hope they acclimated ok.

richard, thank you again. i must say that i was nervous about the whole shipping freight thing, but it was no sweat and i would encourage everyone out there just to go for it and no worry about it. i have been dreaming about getting "the package" for about six months now, but was always too nervous about the whole freight thing. i shouldn't have been. you were really terrific about working with my schedule to make sure the package arrived when i could pick it up conveniently. really this is by the far the most fabulous internet purchase and experience i have ever made. thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!


On a random urge I decided mid-december to set up a marine reef system again after several years. I spent a couple days reading on different forums and searching various spots on the web for reputable suppliers for LR/LS and after reading several of the testimonials and reviews decided to go with TBS.

I started off a bit leery of the process of ordering sight-unseen from an unknown entity and decided to mail the contact e-mail and ask a few questions first. Right away, Richard was in contact with me, answering my questions and explaining what I would be able to expect with regard to shipping time, delivery, and content. A few back and forth mails and reading the extensive ammount of information available at the TBS website, and I was ready to place my order for "The Package", as it is referred to.

I was put at ease by Richard's accessibility and willingness to communicate with his customers. Within a day, all my first shipment items were waiting for me at the airport.

Due to circumstances outside of TBS or my control, the items were unavailable overnight as they sat in a chilled warehouse waiting for the 5:30 opening. The items were so well packed and with enough water and insulation that everything was in perfect shape when I got them home and unpacked them. I had some very interesting critters show up once I placed the rocks and sand into the new tank. I arranged what I recieved as best I could, and started in on the intial task of getting the tank cycle started.

Approximately 4 days and 3 partial water changes later, all my levels were at optimal readings, and I sent Richard mail to prep and ship the second portion of "the Package". At this point, my tank was looking pretty good, the rocks I recieved had some amazing life and shape, many worms, live barnacles, live clams, and a ton of snails and random crabs started making their way out. Additional hitchhikers worth mention were a donkey dung cuke, a long haired urchin, and several crabs (more on them later).

When I received the shipping manifest from Richard for part 2 and realized there were 3 more boxes headed my way (making 6 total), I realized I had a bit more headed my way than I had expected.

Its important to note, I was already very happy with how things were arranged in the tank, and the lifeforms which were appearing in the rocks.

The second set of rock put the first to shame. More baranacles, several orders of magnitude more living organisms, some frags (gonipora I believe), and several fan worms and small anemones, many random sponges, plus a few plants stuck to the rocks. In addition to these items, the clean-up crew was unpacked and acclimated and placed into the tank.

I normally place high expectations on things and ask a lot, but was completely blown away by the value and quality of the items I received and the whole transaction end to end was smooth as could be.

Some pics of what I have:


Richard: I wanted to let you know that the second shipment arrived yesterday on time and in great condition. Even though I have read through the long list of testimonials on your site, nothing could have prepared me for just how fantastic the second shipment would be. I was blown away by the quality and variety of sea life that you sent. I expected the snails, sea cucumbers, hermit crabs, shrimp and brittle star which I ordered. They are all great and they seem to have acclimated well. However, I never imagined I would receive the corals, plants, anemones and blenny that you sent along. The rock itself is beautiful but with the new critters and the extras you sent, my tank looks fantastic. As a nanno reef it is almost complete with your very generous bonus additions to the package.

I am a very cautious consumer, so I made sure to research your business and to read your customer testimonials before I contacted you. I don't normally write to compliment businesses but you have gone so far beyond what a reasonable customer would hope for in terms of performance that I had to write to thank you. You have over performed! That's a phenomenon that is rarely observed today. Thank you so much for the advice, assistance, great service and wonderful product as well as your generosity.

I will do all I can by word of mouth to promote your product and services. If there is anything else I can do to support your business, please let me know. If anyone is having doubts about doing business with you, I would be happy to relay my thorough enjoyable and satisfied experience to encourage them and to confirm that they could not do better anywhere else.

There is one danger though, like so many others I am now contemplating having a second even bigger tank. You can bet that I will be contacting you to supply the rock!

Thanks again,
Jim Dombek

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You and TBS rock literally and figuratively! Thank you!

I was impressed with the amount of life on the first shipment. The second shipment knocked me off my feet. Wow! "The Package" is the best live rock and bunch of critters I have ever seen and had the pleasure to own. There is so much life on this rock, and you and TBS give far more than advertised or expected.

I have a reef tank that looks far more mature than its age. It has been less than two weeks and it looks like the reef has been growing for years.

All other live rock I have ever had or seen is dead by comparison. I will always buy from TBS when I need live rock. I was skeptical at first and hesitant about the cost of air freight, but you have been helpful at every step and the quality of the rock and critters more than makes up for the cost of the air freight.

My wife was really reluctant when I told her I wanted to set up a reef tank. Since she just saw the tank with the rest of the rock and critters, she is entertaining letting me set up a 300. Thank you for convincing her with The Package; it is absolutely the best.

My highest regards,


Hi, Richard!

I thought I'd let you know how the tank is doing... which is GREAT!

I've been throwing stock in at an alarming pace, so I need to slow down on that. The rock is wonderful! My chem parameters have remained spot on. I've done only 2 water changes since putting Part 1 in on April 21st. Everything seems to be very stable.

I did take the condy nems to an LFS as they took to wandering about the tank. I was worried they would puree themselves in the Koralias. I didn't want to experience that, so thought it best to give them new homes.

So, just thought I'd check in. I hope everything is going well for you, too!

Barb Mazzolini


I did good, you did great! Completely blown away by the quality, diversity, and quantity of the ocean that you sent. Thanks!

I didn't get to bed until after 2:30am last night. At 7:30am this morning no less than five engineer / reefer guys were at my desk inquiring as to how the "Tampa Bay experiment" went. With bleary eyes and a broad smile I proceeded to describe the fantastic package that found its way into my tank last night. Needless to say, the group will be at my house tonight to observe first hand (data, data, data... engineers want data).

There is no better advertisement than an "overdelivered" product. I'd be very surprised if you don't receive additional orders from Michigan engineer / reefer guys. The word will be spread. Thanks again.



Thanks so much for getting this to me today. I had no idea you could get it on a flight that fast, but it worked out great. Now I have the whole weekend to kick back and watch my beautiful tank thanks to you.

I am floored at all the great stuff you sent. I can't even tell you what I like the best because it is all so outrageously cool! All the boxes arrived in great shape... no leakage this time and everything seems to have handled the trip great.

I already have two friends that are really wanting to start their own reef tanks after seeing just the base rock you sent me in the first shipment. They're gonna fall over when they see the new stuff! I can't thank you enough. So much more than I would have expected for what I paid. Great Job! I'll recommend you to everyone I know that's looking for live rock.

A truly happy customer,


Jim Franz


Everything was received in good order as usual. The large rock was HUGE but you were right- AWESOME. It took me, my wife and both kids to get it onto our borrowed truck, to the aquarium and into the water. Even then, it was questionable if we would be able to lift it 5 feet up to the top of the tank.

Now I see why your site recommended 360 pounds of rock! I've seen a bunch of large aquariums with small pieces of stacked rock and didn't like that look. This is fantastic. Another thing I like about the large pieces is that I won't have to worry about them falling on my corals. I can't wait to see the part 2 rock... will it be more large rocks or smaller rocks?

The number of hitch hikers on this rock have been amazing too. We've found 2 sea cucumbers, three starfish, one small flame scallop, and numerous snails. And that's just after the first day and with cloudy water. Wow.

Best regards,
The Smith Family

Hi Richard,

We got everything. The only apparent casualty was one of the bags of anemones was punctured in transit. Because there was no water in the bag, I dropped them right into the aquarium. I think (hope) they'll be fine. Everything else looks great and most of it is in the tank. We're still acclimating a few critters and all of the gorgonians (which by the way look fantastic!) and haven't even started with the sponges or all of the plants. The plants will go in our refugium.

Thank you so much for everything you sent with the order... Our entire family had a lot of fun opening the boxes and seeing all of the neat surprises you sent. We can't wait to see the tank with the lights on. Best thing is that tomorrow is my birthday... talk about fantastic timing! I continue to rave about your stuff to my local fish stores, people at work and our friends.

Funny thing is, my wife is already asking me when we're going to do a bigger tank. This certainly won't be our last TBS order!

Best regards,

You know I never really had a chance to thank you for the rock and live sand you sent out, let me tell you, I could not be happier, that rock is just amazing, it's great that you ship it out under water to keep everything alive and keep it from having to do a serious cycle, unlike the other stuff I had purchased from, well I will let them remain nameless, that rock was literally like wet base rock, then I had got some from Drs. F&S, there rock was good rock, not gonna say anything bad about theirs, it had lots of colors, just the fact that it takes some time to get it going again, but compared to your rock, oh my, when I grabbed a piece of rock out of the back and looked up close at it, there were all sorts of things crawling around it, lots of plants still on it, lots of little feather dusters and tons of other things I have never seen before. BEAUTIFUL ROCK!!! I CAN'T SAY IT ENOUGH!

Even the sand was amazing, I had zero invertebrates in that tank, when I put the sand in, I think I ended up with like 4-6 snails and even something that looks like maybe a cucumber? Not too sure, but it's like 2 to 3 inches long with a blackish body with purple spikes, that's what I call Live Sand, the sand I have purchased in the past comes with absolutely nothing like that, I could even see the red worms in the substrate a few hours after I placed it in. There is only one thing I did not like about the sand and that is the fact that it's not really sand, more like crushed rock, but that's not a problem at all, I added Caribsea's Aragonite to the bottom first, about 2 inches, then your sand, and after about a month or so of it seeding I am going to put more aragonite over the top to create a smooth top, I am going to put like 2 cups in a day so that I don't smoother anything. Either way it's not a big deal because I am so happy with it anyway.

Just wanted to send a THANK YOU your way, I wish I would have discovered your rock and sand a long time ago when I had started my 55G, I wouldn't have even purchased base rock, I would have purchased all Live Rock and Sand from you guys, the diversity of live in your rock and sand is just amazing, I might actually take some rocks out of my 55G and place them into the 40G that has your pieces of rock in it and try to seed the live onto them and place them back into the 55G hopefully transporting all sorts of life. I just feel like I wasted so much money on all that other rock and sand I had purchased before. I also love the fact that I can just run over to O'Hare Freight and pick it up, that was great and worked out very well, it's like its only boxed for a few hours instead of days or even weeks like with the other guys, and having to remove newspaper from around the rock is a pain. I just can't say enough how pleased I am, your rock is incredible and you definitely have a lifelong customer and referral, I will probably start a new thread today on Reef Central just to let people know about my great experience and all the life I received for free in the rock and sand, although I am sure there are already a ton out there, I still need to let people know not to make the mistake I did and just go with you guys to start.

Clint Whalen

Phew! I just finished cleaning up. Boy, you have good timing! I just sat down and your email popped up.

I can't believe all the stuff you sent me! Honestly, if there is anything at all I can do to help you spread the word about your business please let me know. This has been the BEST experience I have had bar none.

All creatures acclimated very well, and they are all busy doing their jobs. That rock anemone is SO beautiful! The green color just pops. The little blennies are out and about checking everything.. they are not a bit shy. The shrimps are just chillin' in the front of the tank poking around the sand and munching on whatever tidbits they find.

The tank looks great. I'll take some pictures after a much needed shower and a sandwich.

You must really like helping people feel good, and you are REALLY good at it, too!

Pics to follow early this evening, and I'll be sure to keep you updated through the cycle this week. Thanks, from the bottom of my heart!



I am in complete awe. I was like a kid on Christmas morning opening my presents when I got shipment #2 home, surprise after surprise. All the different live rock, corals, anemones, crabs, sponges, fish, etc was just amazing.

I have setup 2 other reef tanks before this one and my goal for each tank was to setup a complete reef ecosystem. My two other tanks now pale in comparison to the one setup with “The Package”. The other two were setup with live sand from bags sitting on the LFS shelves, so called cured live rock from their tanks, and individually bought corals and critters. The end result of these first two tanks has come nowhere near my goal of setting up a complete reef ecosystem. Those first 2 tanks (each up for over 1 ½ years now) still don’t have nearly the life representations of the tank setup with your product. It is only with “The Package” that I have been able to finally achieve my goal.

I also must tell you that the Customer Service you give is nothing short of astonishing. Your quick responsiveness to my inquiries, your clear concern for my satisfaction, and all the helpful information you provide is at a level that I have not experienced from any other vendor be it in the reef aquaria trade or other.

Thank you for this all around wonderful experience. You have gained a customer for life. I am already mulling over the plans for my next reef tank (this is going to be a big one J) and I guarantee it will be setup with “The Package”.


Robert Maiella

I have spent the last two days touring people through the library to check out the tank. It has been the talk of the school. The kids were excited and proud of what they have done (they wrote the grant to get the money to purchase our equipment. they also research the equipment they needed etc.).

We can't begin to thank you enough. This is a project that I intend to pass on to each 6th grade class. Children for years to come will learn about the ocean, anatomy, ecosystems, chemistry and responsibility from the awesome specimens you have provided.

As I have mentioned before one of the first project next year will be to start a blog about the kids experience tanking care of the tank. There will be pictures and articles written by the kids about the organisms in the tank, how the tank functions etc...

The attached picture is the first of many. You can barley see the tank behind the kids, but you get an idea of the setting. You can see your light is plenty bright for the whole library. The bulletin board behind the tank will be used to post information about the tank so visitors can learn something as they observe.

We need to get to work identifying all of our new creatures.

Thank you again,

Richard -

I got the rock, the critters and the extras! Did I get the right boxes?! Everything is absolutely fantastic. The problem I'm having already is that I can barely see into the tank: the glass is covered with nose prints from my wife - who was completely disinterested over the last 6 months as I read, planned, plumbed for this day - and my 3 year old son who thinks the tank is big enough for a 'quick swim to look for fishes.'

Along with all of the incredible extras you added, I found pistol shrimp, stars, crabs, sponges, snails, macro algae of all kinds, barnacles, and the list goes on!

Everything came in good condition, with one box leaking a bit, but no water lost from the main bag inside. (For your info, the shipping to MDT (Harrisburg) cost me $106 for the first shipment of 150 pounds / 4 boxes, and $80 for second shipment of 100 pounds / 3 boxes.)

I'm new to the saltwater hobby, but have kept freshwater fishes for years, and this has without a doubt been the best interaction I've ever had with a dealer in fishkeeping (possibly the best outside of the hobby too!).

I truly appreciate everything you've done and my tank seems to like it as well. I'll be sure to recommend you to any one who's looking for sand, rock, critters, etc. I'll also reach out to you again when I get my next tank set up! :)

Thank you,
Chris Krell


As promised.. here it is! It looks beautiful - and the macro algae adds a nice touch. My husband says it's nicer and more colorful than most of the reefs we went diving on. What I like is it's a complete ecosystem, and not just fish and one or two pieces of mostly dead rock. It's doing well, for hte most part - the critters are settling in. The shrimp and two of the condys didn't survive, which always makes me sad. I'm not sure exactly what the problem was. I did check the pH and it was lower than normal (7.9) so that might have had something to do with it. Not sure why. I changed half the water though the ammonia is well within limits and everything seems OK now and back in limits. The clam is beautiful and moves around the tank quite a bit. The flower anemone is eating well. We feed him small shrimp twice a week. I'm also starting to see some of the other hitchhikers show themselves - a baby sea cucumber, a baby fish of some sort, a small nudibranch, other small anemones, and fan worms.

Thanks again for a wonderful start to the saltwater hobby. What is the little fish you sent, if you remember? Was it a blenny? I'll also post the photo on Reef Central. Next time we have an order for anything aquatic you can be sure you'll hear from us. :)



You are absolutely the best!


My tank was decimated and now it is looking awesome with lots of life back in it. Still working on getting it all in the tank.

I don't know if I told you that I was sick, but between the doctor bills and insurance payments getting the tank back in shape was going to be a long haul.

You really picked up my spirits when I really needed it. The wife and kids are just ga ga over all the stuff.

I know the one item is a bulldozer/slipper lobster, but what is the red crab? I thought it was a sponge. I wondered why it was in a separate bag, then noticed when I was floating it that it had legs.

Christmas in January. What a concept.

Thanks! A whole lot!


Just wanted to thank you again this was so easy. Your rock is the most beautiful stuff, I had a handful of my salt friends over to view and they to are amazed. I'm sure you will be receiving orders from them also. The longer we looked the more we found. Once tank now cycles I will need another 10lbs to complete the look, but it sure is beautiful now. I can't thank you enough.

This is our 3rd tank, we had a 100 gallon (that was our starter) 10 years back it took almost 3 years to purchase all the filling for it and it never looked as beautiful as this right out of the box. My second is the 8 gallon which looks rather nice, but has been quite a job just finding small enough items to create a living reef, this one the 14 that is all yours is fantastic, sponges, crabs, barnacles, feather dusters, and I'm sure as it cycles and becomes adjusted other things will be showing up.

The air trip was easier than and store shopping, it only totaled 47.00 for the flight. I will be in touch with photos as tank settles and develops and in a couple of weeks will be wanting another 10lbs to complete my Tank. Am so happy I found your site, Thank You Again for making my new birthday gift the best one.


Good Morning

Let me start by saying WOW.....

Package number 2 arrived on time and all in one piece. When I got home my son couldn't wait to open the boxes. We opened both boxes and placed the live rock, even though we are not great visionaries it turned out beautifully. Then it was onto the critter pack, again all we can say is WOW. Ok just one more time. WOW! We followed your instruction to the letter and I don't believe I even saw one snail not racing to claim a new spot in his new home. Everything you picked out was way beyond anything we could have imagined. It truly was Christmas in January!

I cant begin to express my gratitude for all you have done to make this a very rewarding experience for my son and I. Even my wife has turned into a closet tank watcher, though she may never admit to it. I cant wait to send you some pictures once I download them, its just AMAZING!!!!!!



Richard, we have just been astonished with the shipment you sent us and the time you did it in. We never expected to get our rock until after the holidays when we placed the order three days before christmas, but there it was the next day at Midway airport in Chicago. I was very excited to open the boxes when we got home but never expected to see we what I did. There were so many extra critters in the shipment for our 125 gallon tank. The three red/orange branch sponges are amazing as well as the three anenomes, but my favorite of all is the tiger goby. We have had almost no die off and all of the gorgonians that you gave us are all ready extending their polyps and feeding happily, I'm not sure what they are but they are beautiful. Our tank looks amazing now thanks to your rock and look forward to spending many hours in front of it. We will definitley reccomend you to all of our friends and any body who happens to ask where our rock came from. Thank You Richard we will defintiley have a colorful Christmas.


Curtis M.


Sorry I didn't write sooner, it has been hard to move away from the tank.

Love everything. Part 2 definitely exceeded all my expectations (I especially like the shrimp guy with the green stuff growing on him - he keeps jumping in front of one of the powerheads and getting a ride across the tank. The crab with the sponge on him is really cool too.)

All in all, I'm very happy with everything and will reccomend you to all my friends...which should be an easy sell once they see the tank.

Thanks for everything,

Picked up part 2 at about 11pm and spent the evening acclimating and aquascaping...until about a quarter to 5am... . I'm still recovering, but it was worth it.

People constantly rave about Richard's generosity and I was expecting a really nice assortment of things, but I was completely unprepared for what he sent- it blew me away. He even sent two really neat fish (a tiger goby I believe, and some type of cool blennie), but they have so far been a little camera shy.

Richard- thank you for the incredible work and generosity which you have shown - I will be enjoying this for years to come and will definitely be in touch when I set up future tanks.

And now without further adieu... see the pictures.

Just wanted to say thanks again and pass along a couple photos. I took the 45 gallon package you just sent me, combined it with the 30 gallon package you sent me 8 years ago, and put it all in a new 75 gallon… looking great!

P.S. The tan colored anemone midway up on the left hand side of the tank was a free extra from the first package 8 yrs ago.

I just have to say I am blown away by this package. I was beside myself when I got part one of the package... I had no idea how fabulous part two was going to be! I was up until 2am (later than I've stayed up in *quite* some time...) just getting the rock and critters in there. Today is actual aqua scaping day though and I can't wait to play around with the arrangement! :-) I honestly, don't even know what to do with all of this, it truly is beyond my wildest imaginings... I can't tear myself away from the tank! Actually, I can't tear myself away from the tank, the books, and the online forums... :-)

Thanks SO much...


Good morning Richard,

I received the rock last night and I was amazed at what you sent me. I couldn't be happier with the quality of the rock and the amount of life on and in them. The plane was three hours late because of a very bad thunderstorm that subsequently had me traveling down the highway at thirty miles per hour in a torrential downpour. It didn't help that the airline had incorrect markings for the building that the rock was being held in which didn't help my increasingly bad mood. All that changed however when I opened up the first box and saw all the wonderful rock that you had sent. I was literally in shock at what I saw. My girlfriend and I would take each piece out and examine it on a table for a couple of minutes before putting each piece in. It was so much fun and we really enjoyed ourselves with even that small glimpse into our new favorite hobby. It took us about an hour just to get all the rocks into the tank and that wasn't even with aquascaping. They all sit nestled in the bottom waiting my return tonight to do some interior decorating. It took us just as long as getting the rock in as it did trying to save each and every crab and shrimp that was scurrying around in the bottom of the bags. The two corals you sent were just icing on the cake, once again I can't thank you enough. You have a customer for life and rest assured you will be talked about every time I walk into my LPS or when I talk to others about the gorgeous rock in the bottom of my tank. Thanks again Richard, you truly are a salt water enthusiasts Santa Claus =)

Jeffrey Hartman

Hey Richard,

Thank you so much for all the fantastic rocks and all the extras. It really filled up my tank all I can say that it is totally awesome! I was up until 230 this morning arranging everything, my wife was shocked this morning when she saw it. You really out done yourself. I always recommend your rock to everyone I talk to. Can not believe anyone would want to buy any of that dead Fiji rock at the fish store. I will send some pictures to you later today once I put the lights back on. Thanks again..... its so beautiful... we are so pleased!!

Ric Moriarty

Oh Richard,

We are astounded. Mick is oohing, ahing, and gasping in wonder. "Can we put them in right now," he asks? I told him we have to slowly acclimate them.

My oh my. The English have a colloquial for it, "We are 'gobsmacked.'" What beautiful, exquisite specimens. You have blessed us beyond that which we ever expected or imagined.

Mick is so very thrilled and deeply touched by your generosity, thoughtfulness, and big-heartedness.

My eyes are tearing over the beauty of each gift in each bag, over my husband's delight, and over your kindness beyond words.

Thank you is too weak a phrase and yet, it's all I have, for I am speechless.



A school ordered a Package for a 10 gallon.....but they had a much larger tank....so on Part 2, I fixed them up with a bunch of critters/sponges/plants....and an octopus they were wanting......the schools are in such bad shape money wise, I just wanted to help them out a bit....

He is the science teacher at the school......we need more teachers like him who really care for our kids in school. Here's a picture they sent me.

Hi Richard!!

I left early this morning and picked up the packages at the airport. I can't believe all the stuff you sent! Everything, including every single critter, arrived alive and in very good shape. The rock is now in the tank and the plants and animals are acclimating. That was a perfect amount of rock for my 90 gallon as I can't fit even one more piece if I wanted to!

I just want to tell you that I am EXTREMELY HAPPY with your service and you are more than generous with the extra stuff you included in my package.

I will definitely promote TBS as a highly desirable company to do business with! Again, I can't be any more pleased than I am right now with the rocks and critters you sent me.

Oh yeah, the anemones: These are a HUGE hit with my wife. Of all the things that will be in the tank, these are her favorite. And you know that saying; "when the wife is happy..." Of course I love them too :)

Thank you very much, Richard, and when the tank settles down, maybe tomorrow, I will post pics in the TBS thread at Reef Central for all to see!!!


Hi Richard,

After reading the testimonials for TBS I had high expectations from your shop; however, you’ve exceeded them at least 10 times. Thank you very much for shipping such wonderfully ‘live’ live-rock.

My tank is chock full of fan worms, beneficial macro algae (Caulerpa Mexicana), crustaceans, bristle and other worms, stars, snails, and other critters that survived remarkably well during shipping. Every one of the rocks you sent had small soft corals and sponges attached and they all lived. The Caulerpa attached to the rock looked a little beat up when it arrived; however, it greened up and started growing fast in just a few days. I’ve purchased cured and uncured rock from several other sources and none of it comes close to yours. Clearly, I received rock that spent very little time out of the water.

The best surprise was the beautiful corals that came with my second shipment of the "package". I truly was not expecting such large, colorful specimens. The critters were very active and took to their new home right way.

Finally, the same day shipping via Southwest cargo was surprisingly affordable. I expected to pay 2-3 times what I would normally pay for priority next day service; however, it actually came to about half what I would have paid for that weight and distance. Picking up at the airport wasn’t a problem…I prefer that to having the rock ride around in a delivery truck anyway.


David Bjurman-Birr
Albuquerque, NM


Plain and simple, you are a truly giving person, and a great boon to the Saltwater community. Thank you so much.

I picked up my second half yesterday, and just hearing about Richard’s generosity from others doesn’t prepare you for what he does. It was like Christmas all over again hunting through all the wonderful surprises.

The rock was even better than the first half, with corals and clams and what not attached. See this post on Reef Central for details and pictures!

I picked up the package at the terminal this morning. I was a little apprehensive considering it sat there all night.

I opened it up as soon as I arrived home with it, 28 hours after you shipped it. I am completely amazed at how well everything made it! Right off the bat, when I opened up the live sand, there was a brittle star staring at me! Not to mention all of the little “critters” scurrying about on the surface of the live sand! I have found four crabs; one was a gorilla crab, and TONS of little critters in the live rock bag! I am letting the bag sit and settle down a little before I go digging through it looking for more critters! The quality of your live rock is SECOND TO NONE! I have counted over five major types of plants that are literally THRIVING on the live rock! You will NEVER see that on store-bought live rock! Pet store live rock resembles DEAD ROCK to me now. About the only it has going for it is coralline algae. The 2 hour round trip to the airport was well worth the trip!

I started this tank as a means to teach my 7 year old daughter about the living oceans and the life that comes from them. This, by far, will be the most wonderful learning experience she has ever had. Plus we will now share a hobby that has been my passion for nearly 20 years. This will be the best start I have ever had in the hobby!

I will be sure to contact you when the tank has cycled. I cannot wait to see what the “critter” portion of “The Package” contains!

Thank you SO much for all that you have supplied so far! I am sure I will be just as amazed by the rest of the shipment!

Your newly loyal customer,

Lou Patterson

Hi Richard,

I received my shipment at 12:30pm today.When I opened the boxes I couldn`t believe everything you sent me.I am still in shock.I don`t know how to thank you.Everything is doing great.You have earned a customer for life.i have dealt with good dealers before,but none of them even come close to the customer service you have given me.You can count on me to pass the word. I have never seen such beautiful rock.Thanks again for everything.I will keep you updated on my tanks progress.



I just received my second shipment of rock. I opened the box of critters first so I could start acclimating them while I placed the rock in my tank and I was blown away by what I saw. WOW!! What beautiful creatures and plant life. I could not believe all the colors and movement. The creatures were moving all around and they were ready to begin their transfer period. I am absolutely amazed by your product. After reading all the horror stories from other reefers and their experiences I knew I did not want rock from some foreign ocean. It has been the best decision of my tank experience. The fish are busy exploring, the “cukes” and anemones ( which are the most beautiful I have seen) are finding their places and the brittle stars are already in hiding. I love your product and my tank looks like I have spent years caring for it. I can’t imagine what it will look like when it is years older. I am another completely satisfied customer and I will be purchasing from you again.



I picked up the shipment last night at the airport. All I can say is…. Thank you VERY much.

You really went above and beyond what you had promised. My wife and daughters were AMAZED at all of the extras you threw in. I must say I was not surprised as I have come to learn that you are just one hell of a guy. The wife was also tickled with the “smiley face” on the inside flap of the box. Little things like that make it all worthwhile to do business with a guy like you.

The sponges are AWESOME! I had to con my wife out of the red sponge to put in my tank.

The two gorgonians that you sent are the coolest! The gorgonians have become my favorite now because of how well the one that you sent in my first order is doing. It is ABSOLUTELY thriving!

The extra fish you threw in, is that a goby? He sure looks like a goby!

The crab that you threw in, what type of crab is he? He looks like an arrow crab but he has little “balls” of algae where his claws would be. My 7 year old thinks he is the GREATEST thing!

I am going on Michigan Reefers website now to plug you again! I had one guy on there say that your stuff was OK if you can handle the die-off on the rock at first. Well, I have had ZERO and I mean absolutely ZERO die-off in both tanks! All people have to do is follow what you tell them to do and the rock will do what it is supposed to do. As a matter of fact, I have had to prune my macros and plants that came with your rock; they are growing by leaps and bounds daily.

I do dose the tank with Tech CB Part A and Part B daily but I do this mainly for my SPS corals. I also use a couple of other additives mainly because I just feel it is needed. I have also taken your advice and use DT’s Phytoplankton as well. The local pet store has been trying to sway me to try Phyto-Plex but I tell them that if Richard Londeree says to use it then I will! I know you do not have all of the answers but your advice, either directly from you or from your site, has worked 100% of the time for me! That is one hell of a track record for anyone that I have taken advice from.

Please try to enjoy yourself on your vacation. You do so much for your business that I am sure you have deserved the time off.

Your friends and loyal saltwater followers,

Lou, Candie, Alexandra and Grace Patterson

Hi Richard,

I really want to thank you for the amazing stuff you send to us! After putting everything in my fish tank, my wife and I spent hours in front of the fish tank... Just looking for this incredible show!

You really are the best business man I met in my all life! Your deal is at the same time a business and a passion... A perfect mix... I spent a non negligible amount of money but there is no doubt that it was worth it! I appreciate the quality of the rocks and the live stuff... And I really appreciate the extras you add to the order... Everything seems to be alive... Thank you for the two fish, the sponges, the anemones, the serpent stars, the arrow crab, the shrimps...

Miguel Dias

Richard -

I just wanted to let you know that I got my order on Sunday night and it is PHENOMENAL!!! It made the "live" rock that I already had in there look pitiful. There was plant life, a Pistol Shrimp, a few baby stars, a nudibranch, coral polyps, snails galore, a few gorilla crabs (which I chose to leave out of the tank!!) and something that I think is a sea cuke (just to name a few!). I attached a picture of that to see if you can verify that's what it is...it's the red thing leaning to the right. Whatever it is, it is definitely a filter feeder and is ALIVE!!!

I wish I would have gotten all of the rock currently in my tank from TBS. I found the website while I was researching, but wondered if it was too good to be true. I can most assuredly tell anyone who is "sitting on the fence" about ordering from you that they need to just do it!! No one could possibly be disappointed with such service and product!! I am so impressed with the rock that I received that I cannot say enough about it!! I am sharing with everyone I know who has a salt tank and will order more when we get our next setup (possibly even before that!!) Thank you, thank you, thank you for turning my "ok" tank into a "WOW" tank :)

Celeste O'Reilly
Phoenix, AZ


I picked up the second part last night. As expected, packing job was superb and all seemed in order. It did get bumped to a later flight, but that was a good thing since I didn’t have my three helpers who usually get in the way instead of helping.

I was totally surprised. You threw in some extras that really made the package. Shaving Brush algae, anemones, whip coral feather dusters oh my! All I can say is thanks for them. It really matured the tank beyond what time could do.

This morning was really funny when all the kids went downstairs to see what happened. My son calls the sponge a carrot thingy. LOL

Anyway, here are some pictures to see how it looks.

Thanks, you’ll have a return customer when the AF moves us again.



Rock looks fantastic,I have ordered live rock from other online companies before and also purchased from LFS over the years and never seen rock like it.Lots of sponges,macro algaes and all kinds of creatures.I bet I pulled at least a dozen small brittle starfish, several snails and crabs from the bottom of the bag,also rinsed off the sand in bottom of bag to seed my fuge.Easy pick up from airport,I will definatly be ordering again.


Richard, The FSU reef tank is in business. We thank you for the rocks and critters, and especially the anemone. It is all beautiful. No where could we have found anything comparable locally. There is just so much to look at. We are trying to identify the strange shrimp you included also. I thought it was some sort of plant until I took a closer look and he moved. And the little goby has already found his home in one of the rocks from the first shipment that is riddled with holes and caves. Thanks a million.

Mindy and Miles


I received my boxes last evening and all I can say is that I am in a state of SHOCK at how amazing everything looks!! I have never seen such beautiful sea creatures and I am so proud to be able to have such treasures in my home! :) The LFS’s have never had anything that has looked like any of this and they have always had “dead” rock. Now I know what a salt water reef tank and quality sea life is supposed to look like! Thank you for all of the extra critters as well!

TBS is my ONLY sea life source from now on!! (Including for my upcoming 200 gallon tank)

Thanks again,
~Jonathon Siebenaler

Hi Richard,

WOW! Thanks for the fast response to my order...My head is still spinning!!! I am pleased with the rock...it was teaming with life!!!

I will post a thread at www.uberfrags.net with pics and comments that will be very positive about this experience!!!!

My Fiji live rock order was 3 boxes from another vendor. It was their premium "BEST" rock from "ALOR". Give me a break!!! It was allowed to dry on the beach and be shipped dry packed. Everything was dead except corallines and 5 manjanoe anemones! I used to buy rock from Florida Keys back in Late 80's until the ban. Live rock has never been the same since. If I could of got an overnight box from Fiji packed in water like yours I might of had some amazing live rock with stony corals. However that is not going to happen unless you go to Fiji.

Thanks again, Top notch stuff!

Rich Dietz


Thank you very, very much for your excellent service and generosity. Everyone, including all of the surprise critters, arrived safely, and after acclimating for several hours they are now all in their new home, a 180g acrylic RR.

We love all of the critters (my fiancé, Julie, doesn't really care for the cucumbers, of course - "they're nasty"), and they'll give us years of enjoyment. We're completely mesmerized by all of the activity in the tank. I think the tiger gobies are Julie's favorites, and they've found a few holes in the rocks that they consider theirs now. Hopefully they won't get curious and venture too close to the overflow slots - I've used plastic gutter guard on the back sides of the slots for slightly larger fish, but I'm sure they could get through. The micron bag in the sump will provide further protection for them should they venture too far from home. I'll have to check it carefully before rinsing it.

Thanks again! I think you and TBS are doing great things for the hobby, and I'm sure all of your customers are as satisfied as we are! We'll definitely buy from TBS again.

Have a great day,


WOWEE WOW WOW WOW! I picked up my rock at IAD and it was effortless. Thanks for working with me on the timing (no traffic!) I got my package home and immediately put it the aquarium, following the instructions that came with the shipment. After a few hours when the dust settled I couldn't believe my eyes! The rock is spectacular. Nothing like what I see in the local aquarium shops-brown, dead looking rock. Your rock is true to your claims-beautiful. Pink, purple, black and orange sponges, live corals that I can see little fingers darting in and out. Many macro algae, green and feathery and short and bulbous. Magenta algae. There was even a donkey dung cuke! Many crabs, (I have not been able to ID) and there were a couple of blue legged hermit crabs. It reminds me of my childhood, snorkeling and scuba diving the coasts of Florida. Thanks for sending me a little piece of Florida!

Scott M.


We received Part II Saturday afternoon and everything is in the tank. I want to thank you for being so generous with the extras you included, besides the promised hermits, cukes and snails. The shaving brush plants and the two little guys that look like evergreen bushes were on my to-buy list. The purple branching coral and the other (digita?) coral are beautiful. And what the heck is that bright orange, 9" long, spongey branching stick you included?? It's very cool looking, but I can't even tell which end is up!

Now on to the challenge of aquascaping. Thank you for doing an excellent job in helping us make our first saltwater reef tank a success. I will most certainly spread the good word about TBS.

Kind regards,

I've just got into this hobby and took a lot of time conducting research and purchasing all the equipment.

And I spent an inordinate amount of time looking into live rock - from the LFS to a myriad of on-line vendors. (my wife didn't believe I would ever get it all set up...)

The bottom line is that the live rock I purchased from TBS has exceeded my expectations and I have been very happy.

I was a bit daunted by the shipping process, but it was all very smooth and I would highly recommend receiving live rock shipment packaged in water vs. damp newspaper. Richard has been very efficient and he definitely delivered the goods.

Hey Richard,

Your rocks were great. They have a very nice unique look compared to the fiji rock. I had a lot of nice coarls on there and many hitchhikers. I had some shrmp come in, two beautiful porcelian crabs and a bunc of gorilla crabs i'm trying to get rid of. One shrimp I found after a month of recieveing the rock I dont know where it was hiding and found a real large brittle star today also a month later. The cycle time was almost non existant and there was very little die off. It was well packaged and easy to receive at the airport. I will be sure to order all my future live rock from you and cant wait to let others know about this great product.

Thanks Richard!

Spent a few hours on the road, for the life of me i do not understand why traffic sometimes goes from 70 mph down to 15 mph and stays that way for an hour or two. I was really getting fruistrated think that my rock and critters were going to be cooked by the time i got home. As soon as i got home i took the 7 boxes down stairs to help cool them down, open them up, get the critters floating and started the acclimitaion drips and 1/4 cup evert 15 minutes. Man o man what can we say, the most beautiful rock we have ever seen, life on every square inch, what to do, what to do, what a great delimia. Got all the rock spaced and then started with the critters, snals, crabs, stars, ccucumbers and best of all anenomeos, corals, shaving brush plants and on and on and on. I really am overwhelmed. thank you , thank you, thank you.


Mark and Peggy

I just read on reefcentral.com (http://www.reefcentral.com/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=873625), a handle by the name of slimreb had sustained damage during hurricane Katrina and you helped him out with more goodies, as he lost his tank.

That is one of the coolest things I have read on reefcentral.com ever. I applaud you!

I was trying to decide where to get more reef rock as I just moved my 220 gallon tank during a relocation. Based on your ethics on saving the reefs and helping a person who lost everything due to a devastating hurricane, you are an owner who understands how to take care of his customer!! You are the epitome of the successful 21st century business owner!

I intend to give you some business very soon and I will be a loud positive proponent for TB Saltwater.



Richard - I ordered live rock from you Monday late morning. I picked it up from BWI around 5:30 pm the same day, rushed it home and put in my new tank. I can't begin to tell you how amazed I am with your rock. After my bad experience buying fiji rock on the internet, I was very hesitant to order more. The LFS sells aquacultured rock that looks like dead rock. When I saw the pics of your rock on the internet, I was again hesitant because the pictures looked too good to be true. Well....it's true! The rocks are teeming with life and covered in coral. It looks like I may lose some, as some has lost its color, but other areas still look good. I guess that is to be expected. Anyway, I tried to take some pictures the night I put it in my tank, but it may be a bit blurry due to the tank being cloudy from all the activity. I will take some additional pics and send it to you in a few days. Your unbelievably fast delivery of "too good to be true rock", has me very happy. Thank you very much. I will refer you to others and definitely buy again from you should I need some in the future. For now my tank is quite full of rock.

Thanks again,

Dan M.

Dear Richard

I wanted to let you know that my wife and I are totally satisfied with the Deco Rock that we received for our fish tank. My wife and I sit and watch the kids in amazement as they sit in front of there 120gallon salt water tank staring in amazement at all the new life that came with the live rock. My kids name every fish in the tank (Tangs (Aquilles because he fights all the time), Angel fish (flame because he is a flaming angel), Scooter blennies (storm and flash), Nemo Fish (george because he is very curious)...exc...but now they discover all the new life on the Deco Rock and they immediately go online and find out what the species of life is and the correct diet. So we have been quite a few trips lately to Petco to get different things to keep the new life alive. So, hats off to Tampabay Saltwater. You are truly the best in your business.

My entire family :-D


You are without comparison. The stuff you sent today is beautiful. Thank you so much for the extra stuff you included. Do you know what the green plant like item is? How should I deal with it? Should I place it in the sand or on the rock? The white Anemone is so cool. It has already locked on to a rock and made a home. The Cucumbers and the Star are also fantastic. I will take some pics in the near future and post them. The tank looks very nice. The water is in good shape. Am crossing my fingers that every ting hangs on.

Thanks again for a very professional transaction that was a super value.

I wish you the best of luck and look forward to my next purchase.


What a pleasure it has been to work with someone who truly seems to enjoy what they do and take pride in their product. The instructions you gave me and information on what to expect from the airlines was right on the money, I breezed in and breezed out. Not a single box was damaged, not a single drop of water was leaking, it wasn't until I opened the first box that I realized just how hard the airlines would have to handle the box to cause it to leak or break. I don't really have any prior LR or live anything being shipped but for the life of me cannot think of how anyone could do better, short of hand delivering. I know I'm rambling, so I'll stop on the shipping comments...suffice it to say I was very impressed.

Now for the really good part...I had read in RC and your web site all the comments about your products so I was looking for something out of the ordinary and sure enough you did not let me down...Mark me up as yet another very, very satisfied customer! The whole family and I had a great time, the rock is just great, one huge 63 pounder just about took me out but what a great specimen. The tank clouded up very nicely when I put the sand in so our thoughts were to just kinda blindly place the rock and wait for the tank to clear before making "final" placement. Tons of fun checking out all the little guys (crabs, shrimp, worms, snails, serpent stars, etc, etc. on and in the rock, sand and bags they came in, I sure hope everything survives the cycle I don't want to lose anything. I'm not smart enough yet to identify all the sponges, corals, dusters, etc but they are there too.

Didn't get home from Charlotte until around 1830, played in the water until my hands looked like raisins and finally went to bed around 0100 just in time to get up around 0530 to go to work but I'm not complaining, I'm still juiced up and can't wait to get home. Checked the ammonia this A.M, it's testing below .025 using a Salifert test kit, PH dropped a bit, will bring it up when I get home, salinity is running right at 1.025.

This will be one of the longest 2 - 3 weeks I've had in a long time.

Talk to you soon and thanks again... mark

We got everything in the tank this weekend. The rock is WONDERFUL!! We have a few critters who came along for the ride as well. A crab with very hairy legs, a very small black crab and a Mantis Shrimp.

I built the trap like you showed and hopefully he will decide to go for it. What works good for bait?

I have been sending pictures of our rock to family. My brother in law who had problems with a saltwater tank and told me not to do it was in awe. He said he paid twice what we have for rock that wasn't 1/10th this good.

Thank you SO much, we look forward to the next batch.


Dear Richard,

It's been about 3 weeks since we received your 30 gallon package and we just wanted to let you know that our tank looks great! The amount and diversity of life on the rocks is simply incredible and we keep discovering new species. What was most surprising to us was the short time it took for the tank to cycle. In just one week the ammonia levels were down to zero. There was very little die off. Thank you so much for selecting these beautiful rocks and for taking so much care with the packaging for shipping!

The anemones you included are doing just fine. They're very pretty additions to our tank. We were wondering about the identity of one of them. We'll attach a picture in case you know what kind it is.

Best regards,

Yikes Richard!!!!

What a phenomenal shipment!!!!! The rock is spectacular; so many sponges, tube worms, barnacles, hard coral and so many more that I am working on to ID. The branching and the dome star coral is superb!!!! The tube corals are so abundant, I had a difficult time placing all the rock so none of it was covered.

The critters all arrived in great shape as well. After acclimating, the hermits started work right away on the hair algae that had started growing!!!! Sea cukes are moving all over trying to settle in and the serpent stars have each found a nook to hide in. Many, many thanks for the additional livestock - the anemone with the orange pedicle is incredible and has found a good place to set up shop. What is the other anemone you sent me? Also the green macroalgae was quite a treat. I think is might be Penicillium???? My son's tank looks great as well. He'll be home from college this weekend and I can't wait to see his face. His anemone and algae are also doing well and the extra touches are much appreciated.

I can't thank you enough for the splendid product and exceptional customer service. You can be well assured that if anyone wants to know where to buy quality liverock, I know just the place to send them!!!

Jane B.


Thank you for your amazingly quick response today to my second part one shipment. Everyone arrived just fine and I just finished the acclimation process: at the end of it, in they went! The only problem I had was getting the box away from the cargo people at the airport (who have been vicariously following this tank...), because, naturally, they had to have a peek at what I was so excited about. I didn't think I was going to make it out of there... <grin>

THANK YOU for the anemone! Frankly, I have always, for some reason, been scared out of my mind about anemones... it is probably irrational, I know, but for some reason... however, you provided incentive for me to get over that fear, and QUICK! It is now the centerpiece of my small tank, and I think it will be really awesome. THANK YOU so much for that!

Thank you again for your prompt service, great packaging, excellent selection, and overall coolness! I can't say how much I appreciate you taking the time to make everything perfect, and I mean PERFECT for me, Richard.

OK. Back to looking the tank under the moonlights. I can't wait for the lights to kick on tomorrow!


I am extremely happy with the 15 lbs of coral encrusted rock I purchased. Every square inch had life on it. I had difficulty decided which side was to face the front of the tank! And the hitchhikers were awesome. I got a serpent star, an orange star, two small crabs, numerous feather dusters, three clams, an anemone, barnacles, a mantis shrimp, and things I am still trying to identify. I will be making another order soon. Thanks,

Wes Carter
Morrison, TN


THANK YOU so much. These rocks... ROCK!!

Also, the extras are above and beyond. The anemones, the extra shrimp and the plant (looks like a Q-tip with sand on one end, I hope its a plant, I buried the sandy end in the sand). What can I say, my wife and I are so pleased with everything. Thank you!

It took us a while to decide to start a reef aquarium. I'm so glad we did and that we ordered your package. By the way, I am sitting next to the tank and hearing a "click" every 5-10 minutes. Mantis hunting may be the next adventure.

Thanks for everything.
Brent and Marcia Rupnow

Hi Richard,

I wanted to add to my husband's e-mail and personally thank you for the outstanding customer service. The rocks, critters, extras (thanks so much for the anemones, they are unbelievable!), everything exceeded my expectations by a mile. Two weeks into the process, our tank is looking absolutely amazing. Your rocks have taught me so much about the beauty and complexities of marine life, and I am sure I will continue to discover, learn and appreciate the life in the ocean.

I cannot thank you enough.


We see to it that we have 100% customer satisfaction! We have been collecting and wholesaling saltwater animals since the seventies, have thousands of satisfied customers world wide. Below is a very small sampling of our customer testimonials -- just about every online customer sends us a nice email; we just don't have space to display them all!


Package arrived right on time in great shape at PHL on Saturday. I'm new to this so imagine my surprise once the water cleared and we turned on the lights. Theres so much life on every inch of these rocks. Spent the whole weekend staring into the tank finding new critters, crabs, worms, clams, starfish and other stuff I can't ID. Got one gorilla crab out and my wife got the left claw from another. Ammonia finally bumped up to 0.25 this morning. I expected it faster but then the rock looks perfectly alive. We'll let you know next week if/when were ready for part 2.

Thanks. I'm so glad we found your website. Now that I have the TBS rocks I cant imagine using that dead brown stuff from the pet store.


Hi Richard,

I just wanted to let you know I received my shipment of live rock and sand yesterday. It's fantastic, everytime I look at my tank I see something new. I have received live rock from several mail order companies before, but none compares to this. Shipping in water makes a phenomenal difference in the amount of life left on the rock.

What impresses me more is your attention to detail. It is obvious that you take a great deal of pride in your product. The rock is amazing, the sand is full of life and you out did yourself with care in packaging. From the first phone call you have gone out of your way in providing excellent customer service and have far surpassed my expectations. You DID provide a bright spot in this crummy post Katrina rebuilding/ cleanup effot and I am more than grateful. I will purchase from you again, again and again. Thank You so much for all the extra effort!

Melinda Deakle

Hi Richard,

Just wanted to let you know that the rock we got last Saturday is doing great! Abby (my grand-daughter) is thrilled. Tank is cycling good, we are starting to drop today, almost back to .25, never went above .50 We will probably wait another two weeks before getting the second part. Abby will be hospitalized again on the 26th, so we will wait until she gets home and probably be calling you around October 1st.

I truly have to thank you from the bottom of my heart. Abby has not been able to perk up for a few months, but she has done nothing but grin for the past week. The topping on the cake, was all the life included in the rock. We have a few snails, a brittle star, and Abby’s favorite, a black urchin. We also had a gorilla crab which we removed and we are trying to trap a mantis.

I just can’t thank you enough. I know you guys are having a hard time with the red tide and all, but you have made my entire family so happy, it is hard to explain. This little girl means the world to us, and to see her so happy is truly amazing. We have set the tank up where she can watch from the sofa, and that is where she has been since last Saturday. We have gotten her various books, and she keeps trying to identify everything on the rock. Again, thank you for all your hard work in supplying this rock to us. It is really appreciated.

Deb Brown

Deb wrote again after receiving her second half of "The Package" as well!

Hi Richard,

Wow!!! Received the second part of our rock on Tuesday and it is fantastic! The entire family was like a bunch of kids on Christmas morning as we opened the boxes. I know you had told me it was really nice rock on the phone the other morning, but this is beyond our wildest dreams! Corals, clams, feather dusters, barnacles, plants, and sponge. There is so much on these rocks it is unbelievable. Our biggest problem was deciding how to set it up in the tank. Our first shipment also had a lot of plants and some corals that have all survived, so we had to be very careful where placing things. After some careful planning, the tank looks awesome! Thank you so very, very much!!

I had actually held off purchasing for awhile hoping to get the Gulf rock. But now we are so happy we took the Keys rock. I can’t picture anything being any better than this. In the past 2 days all of us are constantly looking at the tank, and constantly finding something new.

The bonus anemones are also doing great! They are all so pretty. All we have to do now is add Nemo in a few weeks! By the way, we also found another hitchhiker black urchin, so Abby is in seventh heaven! Needless to say she has not moved in the past 2 days. Everything from clams opening, to worms moving, to feather dusters opening, or barnacles pulsing brings the call to everyone to come and see what she has found.

The inverts all seem to be doing well, and our ammonia level has not risen at all yet, so we are hoping we will have an easy cycle. Words cannot express the appreciation we have to both you and Mark. We were hoping to make this tank really special but it has went way beyond that. It is truly amazing!

In the future we will recommend you guys to anyone we know looking for live rock. The customer service, packaging of the rocks and inverts, and definitely the looks of the rock, all speak of the care and time you put into this. We wish you the best.

Again, thank you so very much, for making this a wonderful experience, and a fantastic tank!

Deb Brown

Richard...thanks for the second shipment. It's awesome! Also, thank you for the extra shrimp and the anemones. I think one of the anemones is a pink tipped anemone, but I don't know what the other one is...is it a bubble anemone? Anyway, the rocks are amazing and I'm telling everyone about it...even people who don't want to know. I'm going to take some photos because I have some things I can't recognize. Last night, some long orange tentacle looking thing come out of a hole in a large rock to grab some plant life. I don't know if it was a worm or part of a star, but I'd never seen a photo of anything like it. It didn't seem to crawl, so perhaps it's a star of some sort. I think I'm going to have to trap the mantis shrimp...he's escavating my rock and leaving a trail of fine sand everywhere. Thanks again!


Hi Richard,

I am writing to express my sincere appreciation for your superior product. I ordered 'the package' 5 weeks ago and I must say that I am SO impressed at the quality of the live rock and your service... and at the TONS of amazing sea creatures that keep coming out of the rock.

I had read on forums that your Tampa rock is even nicer but I could not wait and got the Keys rock - I've got to tell you.. I cannot understand how your Tampa rock (or ANY rock) is better than this. The coralline algae just keeps growing and I have 10-15 corals growing from the rock you sent - I have planted nothing - it is all natural. The macro algae is gorgeous and all my water parameters have been easy to keep.

Besides the cleanup crew and the anemone you sent separately, I have tons of feather dusters, good crabs, brittle stars, etc... the snails are already multiplying. The extra beatiful anemone you sent is doing wonderful. I keep discovering multiple new creatures / growth / life every day.

I should also say that I am a tough customer and I never write letters like this, but with all the pleasure I've gotten from what you guys have sent me, I'd feel GUILTY if I didn't! You definitely have a repeat customer here, with referrals to any other reefers out there.

Thanks so much,

JB Snyder

Richard and TBS,

I just wanted to write to you and thank you for the amazing live rock I got from you this summer. Due to weather conditions it took almost 120 days to get the rock, but upon arrival it was worth every single day of waiting. The rock shapes are fabulous with many tunnels and the rock is very light compared to some "other" aquacultured LR I purchased previously. Several pretty sponges died off, but many more remain and add a lot of different colors to my tank.

The amount of hitchhikers on the rocks has been great. I've seen 3 baby urchins crawling around and several porcelain crabs and you were great in giving me 3 of the Manicina species of brain corals that I really wanted.

Thanks again!



Thanks so much for getting me the order with such little notice and under inclement weather conditions. I don't have the words to describe your rock other than AMAZING! If I had known what kind of quality and service I was to receive from your company I would have started 100% with your product. The pieces you chose were perfect, teaming with life! Simply wonderful. In short, thank you. I'm speechless.




I can't get over how stunning and beautiful the rock is. It's better than the best christmas present in the world. Only it keeps getting better. As the day progresses more little things emerge and I can't take my eyes off the tank long enough to write you an email and tell you how pleased, amazed, astonished and happy I am with the rock. Thank you so much for selecting such great pieces.

There are zillions of my favorite cup corals. =) I love them. So far I've been able to identify a few leathers, a brain coral (I think), and many cool sponges.

That big cool rock you spoke of *is* incredible. It has so many beautiful things on it I wanted to suspend it in air rather then lay in on the ground. As I was staring at it a small reddish brown brittle star emerged from the bottom. Itty bitty thing and all legs perfectly attached. Then as I was watching him a small brown star fish walked up on the glass in front of me. So cool to watch. Who needs TV?

Words cannot express how great this rock is.

Thank you so much!!

Pam Russell

Richard and Mary,

I must write you back and let you know how I feel about my order. First let me start by saying I have been into saltwater for 7 years but have never had any live rock or reef type aquariums. I have always enjoyed the fantastic colors in marine fish and never felt any need to spend more money on live rock. Recently I had an extra 20-gallon tank. I decided to try my hand with corals and began learning. I was very turned off to what I saw at my local stores selling live rock. After several visits to local suppliers and coming home disappointed I did a little research on the web and discovered Tampa Bay Saltwater. The pictures and descriptions do not serve your product justice. I was amazed with my order and can hardly pull myself away from the tank. Spectacular is one word that fits when describing my tank. Great job guys and thank you for my window into the sea. All the critters and add constant movement making the entire tank truly look like a biotope. The live rock at the local stores hardly looks very much alive. When you see my live rock it is overflowing with life. Thanks for

Jarod Rosenthal

Hi Richard and Mary,

It has been almost 3 years since I first put my TBS rock into my 200 gallon reef. I am as happy with the rock now as I was when I first received it. When the rock came in, it was teeming with life. Opening the boxes and exploring the rock is an experience my kids and I won't forget. All the sponges, bivalves, coral polyps, corals, and critters were so exciting to see. Now after all this time, many of the creatures are still thriving and much new life has appeared. The sponges have served as cement and have bonded my rocks together. There are beautiful blue species on the underside of several rocks and lots of orange and yellow species which serve to provide a variety of color. Most of the bivlaves are still going strong as are those wonderful coral polyps that feed with their long clear tentacles especialy at night. In addition to all of the red and pink bushlike growths, there are many other kinds of growth on the rocks that I have never identified. Many serpent stars, brittle stars, worms, feather dusters, crabs, shrimp, and many, many others I only see occasionally, are thriving.

The sand has really come alive and I am absolutely convinced that this plays a giant role in the life of my tank. We are able to watch some of these from the underside of the tank and that is an entertaining sight. There is an entire network of tunnels and "houses" in the sand bed.

I debated over whether or not to order more "dry" rock to fill my tank prior to ordering from TBS. You know, the rock that comes in covered with wet newspaper with most creatures DOA. Although there are pros and cons both ways, I decided to go with TBS because of the life on the rocks and because it is shipped in water. I am glad that I did. The diversity and wierd creatures we have seen have made our tank all that much more fun for us. Other than a very entertaining decorator crab who took a liking to a cup coral, nothing has harmed any of my corals that I can see. I am convinced that the diversity on the rock somehow makes for a beneficial mix that helps my tank thrive.

Thank you TBS. I can't wait to order my package for the 2 new 600 gallon tanks on the way.

Lori Hall
Huntsville, AL

Just a quick note to say thanks ! The service was great and the rock is unbelievable! I used to own a small reef store, "back in the day", and imported rock from Tonga, Fiji, Marshall Islands, etc. and it was just "dead" rock, opposed to your "live" rock! No question that you have to put in the effort with constant water changes to keep it alive during the cycle, but it's well worth it! There's so many living things on the rock... I may not even have to buy corals!! Anyway...thanks again!

Steve Librett
Scarsdale, NY

If you're getting this message, then you've helped me build and/or stock a beautiful 225 gallon reef tank. Here are the latest pictures of my system, from a grateful fellow aquarist:


Those of you on this list who are vendors are listed because you've delivered fantastic customer service, an increasingly rare phenomenon. Thanks to all of you, particularly to Dan at Salty Critter (for patiently educating me for HOURS on the phone), to Mary at Tampa Bay Saltwater (for walking me, a nervous wreck, through my first major live rock curing cycle) and to Adrienne at Marine Depot Live (for getting me that perfect purple tang, no matter HOW hard it was to find). You're on my HIGHLY recommended vendor list!! (and linked from my website, for that matter -- hope it helps your business!)

Kind regards,

Hal Stanley
Smithfield, VA

Once again we shopped in you store and found incredible selection of live rock to chose from! Thanks to your store we are currently working on a 29 gallon and another 55 gallon salt setup. In the future possibly a 180 or bigger. If it wasn't for your store with the selection you have, none of our tanks would look as great as they do. I make it a point to tell all my customers (I work for Bighthouse) that has salt tanks about you store and web site. Thank you once again for the enjoyable time we have going to your store.

With Regards,

Mike & Steph
New Port Richey, FL


I have been extremely impressed with your service and live rock so far, and am planning on submitting a glowing unsolicited recommendation/endorsement.

Just so you know, I have my undergraduate degree in Biochemistry, and am obtaining an MS in animal nutrition and a Ph.D in molecular biology. I love living things, and I never thought that the living things I received from you would be so good!!! I would love nothing more than to start an aquarimum every week with your live rock and sit and watch the various organisms flourish!

Scott Moore

Richard, Mark, and Mary,

Thanks for the great rock, we LOVE the brittle stars! We will highly recommend you to anyone who asks... we'll be in touch soon.

Happy Reefing to all,

Jay and Traci Spooner
Fort Walton Beach, FL

Hi Richard -

I am ready for the second half of my 150 gallon package order. The first half has been in since the 11th - and all the numbers have been good since the beginning - pH, ammonia (never got above .25), nitrate, calcium, alkalinity. I believe that since I was extremely diligent getting it into the tank as soon as possible, I have had very little die-off and things are thriving. The polyps on the small corals are extended, the macro-algae is green and photosynthesizing - the sponges and bi-valves are still very much alive. I have included a photo of the great rock you sent and how it is doing... Yes, that is a damsel in the background - he has been around for the last five days and doing well, too. I know about not doing fish yet, but I couldn't withstand the pressure from the kids anymore - so I got them one (cheap) fish.

I'd like to follow the same formula for the second half to insure the same exemplary results - great rock flown out in the AM - in the tank by the PM. I am looking very much forward to some more great pieces... now I need to head over to reef central and join the other advocates - and get this pic online - its a beauty and a great testament to how this stuff works!

Richard Metcalf

Richard & Mary,

I want to send you both my thanks for the fabulous help and quality of the order which I received a couple weeks ago. I am 38 year old kid in a candy store all because of the "The Package"! Everything from the live rock to the little extras you supplied were exceptional and so much more than I could have hoped for. I have not stayed up past bed time in many years and the day I received my shipment I was up until 2:30 AM setting everything up. The live rock was everything you advertised and then some. It is unfortunate I have no room for more rock in my 100 gal. aquarium! The shrimps, crabs and snails are happily settled in and I spend most of my evenings in a rocking chair, wine glass in hand, watching the critters crawl from one rock to another. Imagine my suprise, if you will, finding a small, yet unknown genera of fish scouring through the live sand. I have nicknamed it "Shanghai". I believe it to be a toad fish, but have yet to confirm this since it's color characteristics don't match the descriptions in book or website. (He eats thawed fish out of my hand!) The condylactus anenome is dancing merrily in the spot I chose for it and so far it hasn't moved an inch. Maybe a little research does pay off! I have to tell you, however, that I was a bit taken aback by the large mantis shrimp (6" by my estimate), that decided to eat one merry, little blue legged crab. I still have yet to "deal" with him but may just let him be. I would hate to put him in a stark quarantine tank. Mother Nature wouldn't have it that way, why should I?

Hi Richard,

Thanks so much for the beautiful live rock. It is absolutely unbelievable!! Awesome rock!! We have really enjoyed looking at all the critters. We have included a picture of our tank.

We will be contacting you in the future for another order.

Charles and Judy Street
New Mexico

Richard, Mary, you have a new happy customer and since I like sharing my excitement and success I have sent a few others your way through your website. I hope you don't mind. Thanks again for your help assisting in building a beautiful reef tank. I'll be sending you more orders in the future and therefore keeping in touch! Regards & Cheers,

Lynn Bristol
Spring, Texas


Absolutely Amazing!!! I ordered live rock from you on Monday morning and I picked it up MONDAY afternoon!!! When I got home I was truly amazed. I have to admit that I was a bit skeptical about ordering your rock. Most of your user feedback was for the package. No much in there about established tanks. Well let me tell anyone who is wondering what I was wondering. There is nothing better that you could add to your tank. I wish I had started with it!!! When I unpacked my boxes, I was shocked that everything was actually under water, not soaked in paper. Also, I had no idea where to even pick them up. There was all kinds of living things all over the rock. The pieces of rock had incredible shapes to them and it was fun to create tunnels and holes for my fish. You were very helpful and I truly appreciated doing business with you. Thanks also so for the clams or muscles? Those are REALLY awesome. The hermits and snails turned out great!!! You will here from me again very soon. I wish I could order more today, but I better let this stash settle in for a few weeks!!

Andrew Gieselmann

The package we received was great. Everything arrived live and well. It has been two months now and the rock looks beautiful. The rock is by far the best I have seen at any price. All the rock I have seen has been scrubbed clean of life, (they call it cured) and the cost is higher.

Here is a picture of the rock in my tank. For those people thinking about buying life rock, this is the place; it is full of corals, sponges, clams, feather dusters, anemones, and much more. The pictures you see on the web site is what you can expect. I think mine looked better. I am looking forward to buying more. THANKS!

Mark, Richard and Mary,

I finally recieved the final ingredients for the completion of the package. I want to thank you all for the patience you had with my questions before I ordered and the service that I recieved after. I was very very apprehensive about purchasing live rock over the net. I had looked at all sorts of rock from many different sources and to me, it all looked so un-alive. I had an oppoprtunity to collect live rock for myself when I was living in the tropics and that was the kind of rock that I wanted. I put all my hopes in you guys and the customer testimonials that I read. You all pulled through with flying colors. Holy crap, when you guys say live, you mean live. I had only seen life like this on the rock I had collected. Actually I think that there was more on your rock. I never got the kind, amount and color of the sponges that there is on your rock, not to mention the worms, crabs, hermits, shrimps, algae, tunicates, barnicals, snails, coral, clams, etc.. I had heard from many sources NOT to get gulf rock, be wary of Fl rock, not as nice as Fiji, the list goes on. This is true if you want to spend a whole lot of money on Corraline encrusted rock and even more on the life forms to make it alive. Personally I would rather have less coraline algae and more coral, sponges, clams,... you get the picture. Fortunately I didn't heed others advice and went on your word, good as gold. All of the life forms have survived minus a few sponges and some coral pieces that got crushed in the shipping process but the tree sponges and arrow crab you sent along with my critters more than made up for the loss. Heck, one of the rocks that was encrusted with sponge and had pretty much died is now re-encrusting. I have numerous egg sacks on the glass, a tunicate on the glass new egg sacks on the rocks, worms of all sorts popping up from the sand, a clam that has repositioned itself next to one of my power heads on the rear wall of the tank and new life rearing its head every day and it has been only 24 days since I got the rock and sand.

I don't want to sound like I'm raving about your rock but I am. I am glad to support a method of collecting that doesn't take from the environment but rather is in partnership with it. Thank you all, espically thank you Mary for all your time and help.

Paul Witt

To both you and Richard,

I can't tell you both how happy I am with my order of the 29 gal Package. The rock is absolutely incredible! The life is outstanding and my tank is doing great! And thank you very much for the "extras" you sent me.

I have attached some pics so you both can see. The tank is only 2 weeks old and ammonia, nitrite and nitrate are undetectable! I will definitely highly recommend you to all my friends with tanks. I used to have a 210 gal reef tank a few years back, but got relocated to another state and had to sell it. So now being in apartment with lack of room, I had to settle for a small setup. I can't wait till the wife and I get into a new house, so I can really go crazy with a new, bigger tank. I will definitely be ordering more rock from you as soon as I get my new setup going. Once again, thanks to you and the staff at Tampa Bay Saltwater. Respectfully,

Dana Duval

Richard & Mary,

WOW! I received my shipment of 60 pounds of rock one week ago today. My wife was laughing at me while I was unpacking the stuff because she said I was like a little kid on Christmas morning. I have maintained my 125 tank for about 8 or 9 years now, and every few months would check out the selection of live rock at my local fish stores. It was a crap shoot at best. For many months, I had been checking out your site, always wanting to place an order. Well, obviously, I finally did and now you have a customer for life. I got so much stuff on this boat run rock, it's amazing. I'll give you a pseudo-breakdown: 11 large clams, 7 porcelain crabs, 5 small decorator crabs, 1 tridacna clam, 3 small peacock mantis shrimp (which I easily disposed of), 2 small lettuce coral, starlet corals, finger (torch) coral, boulder coral, carnation coral, lions & tigers & bears OH MY!!! The list goes on and on. I set up my 55 gallon as a curing tank for the first few days after receiving the rock, just to monitor it for sponge die-off and unwanted critters. That was a good idea, since it took 3 days to locate the first Mantis. At any rate, thank you for your fantastic service. When my wife and I move into our new home, we've already made plans for a 250-300 gallon setup. I'll be calling in a mighty big order. Thank again,

Dale J. Sanders

Incredible!!!!! Nothing short of amazing. I got my first shipment of the 30 gallon package about 2 weeks ago, and it was amazing! I could not believe that it was the base rock. Well today I got my second shipment along with the critters. The second shipment defiantly blew me away. I cant even begin to note all the different life that made the trip. Tunicates, clams, hard corals, starfish, sea urchins, and sponges galore! The red ones are very pretty. The hardest part was just trying to figure out what side to put up. Thanks a million for offering the one stop reef package. Nothing else compares in my opinion.

To other items of note, the cycle and the service. My cycle was barely 4 days. That is amazing! I was expecting to wait for days, but did not have to. This is a great package for beginners.

The service was also very good. Mary made phone calls each step of the way, and questions were always answered. The shipping was flawless. I live in Nashville, TN and my rock was not in transit for more than 4 hours on both shipments.

Alan Osborne


Just wanted to let you guys know that my shipment arrived at PBI yesterday in fine condition! We had it home and in the tank by 2PM and everything went real smooth. The rock is truly awesome!!! We all(my wife, my son and I) sat in front of the tank for four hours straight enjoying the incredible "show" last night. Every time we thought we had seen everything, something new would show up. The worst part of the night was when we had to shut the lights on the tank off. The variety of life is truly amazing!! I have spent my entire life here in Palm Beach scuba diving and snorkeling and thought I was aware of almost all of the life forms on the reefs of this area, but being able to observe a "reef" in the comfort of my living room with no time constraints has allowed me to see things I never had noticed. Needless to say we are very happy customers.

Thank You,
The West Family