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A Day in the Life of TBS

We can only dive on days when the weather is good and the wind is nearly nonexistant. Otherwise, the visibility in the water is zero, and the boat gets thrown all over the place. When the conditions are right, we get up early and head out. Typically we're on the road at 6:30am. Even then, the traffic is horrible!

This is the way Susie rides along, with her arm on the armrest looking to see where we are going! When we get close to the water, she can smell it and starts to howl!

Here we're heading out of the marina, into the gulf of Mexico.

It can be a bit brisk in the mornings, especially in the Spring and Fall.

As you can see, it's still pretty early. We're now a few miles out, just about to the site.

We're at the site now, and it's already warmed up to t-shirt weather.

Out comes the diving flag, and in I go! Susie has to stay tied up on board or she'll jump in after me, tiring herself out trying to bite the bubbles of my regulator. She howls the whole time I'm down below -- I can hear her all the way on the bottom!

Susie at the helm, glad to see that I'm back in one piece.

Here's what all the work is for -- the best live rock you'll ever see.

Now all that's left to do is go back to the marina, pull the boat out, drive back to the shop, unload the rock and sand, package it up, load it on to the truck, drive it to the airport, unload it, and send it on its way to you! Phew!

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